As an educator, you can use MSC software products to complement and reinforce the engineering principles that you cover in your courses, making those topics more understandable, enjoyable, and relevant for your students. Numerous courses around the world – taught by professors like you in the areas of Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, Nuclear, & Bio Engineering as well as related fields – are being enhanced through the computational and visualization capabilities of our software, such as:
An Introduction to FEA, Intro to Kinematics & Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Vibration Analysis, Structural Analysis, Strength of Materials, Senior Capstone Design, Advanced Dynamics, Computer Simulation in Biomechanics, Analysis of Machinery, FEA for Solid Mechanics, Stress & Strain, Experimental Mechanics, Composites, Fracture Mechanics, Mechanisms, Robotics, Design Optimization, Vehicle Design, Aircraft Design, Ship Design, Computational Acoustics, Pavement Engineering and more....
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MSC Nastran - Academic Bundle for FEA

The Academic Software Bundle for Finite Element Analysis (or Academic FEA Bundle, for short) provides several related software products to help you assess the functional performance of mechanical parts & products from a structural perspective (displacement, strain, stress, frequency), a thermal perspective (temperatures, gradients, flow paths), an acoustics perspective (noise levels, flow paths), or some combination of these.

You can use this bundle to perform a broad range of simulations such as static and dynamic
FEA, linear and nonlinear FEA, in the time domain or the frequency domain, as well as analyses involving contacts and impacts, vibrations, and fluid-structure interactions.)

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ADAMS - Academic Bundle for Motion & Systems Simulation

The Academic Software Bundle for Motion & System Simulation (or Academic Motion Bundle, for short) provides several related software products focused on kinematics, rigid & flexible multibody dynamics, and schematic (block-diagram) simulations.
Representative systems to simulate with this bundle include rotating & translating linkages; gear sets; cams; cables, belts & pulleys; as well as various actuators as found in machinery, latches & closures, mechatronic devices, robots, ground vehicles, aircraft landing gear & flaps, etc.

Build: Create simple graphical representations of systems using block diagrams, primitive geometries, or sophisticated geometries imported from CAD.

Test: Perform single simulations manually or parameterize your virtual prototypes and perform automated design sensitivity & optimization studies.

Review: Calculate displacements, velocities, & accelerations of parts & points in your system; motor forces & torques; hydraulic or pneumatic pressures; momentum; energy; frequencies; even dynamic stresses & fatigue hot spots. Visualize system behavior using animations & plots.

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